Forgiveness: Holli’s Story

Holli’s despair drove her to desperate ends. Winter Jam drove her to Christ.

“About 3 weeks before the concert, I had tried ending my life. I was literally looking down the barrel of my life. I had a tough couple of years and had been waiting for God to show me why things happened. Finally, I just gave up. I was tired of waiting, I was tired of hurting, and most of all, I was tired of always hearing ‘just be patient’.”

Holli began seeking treatment, and encountered the inescapable need for forgiveness.

“While getting some help, one of the things they kept bringing up was the fact about forgiveness. I just couldn’t believe that would contribute to the way I was feeling and thinking. I finished getting help and decided to give God another chance.”

In November, the Winter Jam tour rolled into town, and at first, Holli wasn’t thrilled about attending.

“The day before Winter Jam, my dad texted me and asked me if I would go to it with him. I reluctantly replied with a yes. But the next day, I woke up with a bad attitude. I was just feeling hopeless and mad.”

While the “bad attitude” stuck with her throughout the day, she decided to keep her promise to her dad and went. Once she got to the front of the line about to enter the venue, her bitter feelings quickly dissolved. She felt a change come over her that goes beyond words, like God was going to move in her life. As TobyMac took the stage towards the end of the night and sang his song, “Forgiveness,” he called the audience to take notice of the lyrics.

“Right then and there, I felt the presence of God. I heard him tell me it was time to not only ask for forgiveness from him and others, but to also give forgiveness. I broke down in tears when I realized that was what was holding me back and causing me to feel the way I did. I am so grateful and thankful for Winter Jam! Thank you for helping me open up my eyes and for radically changing my life!”

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