As part of our core process and the seasons of evangelism we lead in cities and campuses, PULSE leads MOVEMENT Evangelism Training events that equip and empower students and young leaders to share the message that Jesus Changes Everything in their communities.

Dates and Times

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Overview of Training

Elephants and Lions

Let’s start by acknowledging the elephant in the room: Evangelism is hard. Knowing this, how do we move forward? In this section, we look at common excuses for evangelism, how we can take courage from heroes from Scripture, and why we can be confident that God will move every time we share the Gospel.

3 Steps to Evangelism

In this section, we break down the three basic steps in the cycle of evangelism: Pray, Care, and Share. We see how to listen, learn, love, and lead others to Jesus through our story, four simple points, and a Gospel illustration. We also look at the importance of continuing this cycle into discipleship.

The Movement Challenge

At the end of the training, we challenge all our participants to join in The Movement Challenge. What is it? Wait and see!


With the training finished, we leave three simple homework assignments with our participants. These “assignments” are designed to help further develop the principles learned in the training and put them into practice.


Reset BookReset: Jesus Changes Everything by Nick Hall

Published in 2016, PULSE Founder Nick Hall’s book Reset: Jesus Changes Everything is an invitation to a second chance—a do-over—to get beyond past missteps and refocus our lives around the power of Jesus to change everything.

Sermon KitReset Sermon Series and Small Group Study

Your church or small group can go through a four-part series on what it looks like to reset your heart, mind, voice, and hands. Kits include videos, study guides, a leader guide, and other digital resources. Purchase the complete kit here.