As part of our core process, PULSE leads MOVEMENT Evangelism Training to equip and empower students and young adults to live a lifestyle of evangelism.

Dates and Times

Live trainings will be coming to the Twin Cities April 17-21. Stay tuned for more details on time and location.

Overview of Training

Elephants and Lions

Let’s start by acknowledging the elephant in the room: Evangelism is hard. Knowing this, how do we move forward? In this section, we look at common excuses for evangelism, how we can take courage from heroes from Scripture, and why we can be confident that God will move every time we share the Gospel.

3 Habits of Evangelism

In this section, we break down the three basic habits in a lifestyle of evangelism: Pray, Care, and Share. We teach about the centrality of prayer, how to listen and love others practically, and how to know and share the Gospel. Finally, we also look at the importance of continuing this lifestyle into discipleship.


You don’t have to wait until MOVEMENT Training to learn how to share your faith. Feel free to download and preview our MOVEMENT Evangelism Training content for free!

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